Would you live with your in-laws?

You are saving up to buy your own place, which is far from easy,
especially in the current economic slump caused by COVID-19.

You and your partner are racking your brains to come up with feasible ideas on saving money when he/she turns to you and blurts out ‘Why not move in with my parents? That way we don’t have to pay rent and can cut down on bills.’

You are caught off guard and think that he/she could not possibly be serious, but you agree not to write off the idea just yet but to actually consider it as an option.

So now you are considering it, and there are several pros and cons to
weigh to get to a final answer that works for all parties involved.

The first and biggest thing to figure out is if your in-law would
facilitate you staying there in the first place.

They may have a big house with lots of room now that they are empty nesters, but that does not necessarily mean that they want company.

They could have just gotten used to walking around naked in their own space again.

If they are on board, you then draw up an old-fashioned column with positives on one side and negative on the other and see which is longer.

The down side

By moving in with your in-laws, you will not only lose your privacy,
but will no longer be autonomous as it is not really your space.

Old-time people would say, “You will always be a child in a next
woman’s house.”

You will have to abide by rules set by others even though you are an adult, and this may take some getting used to.

They will also expect you to contribute. This may not only be financially,
but probably with the chores like cleaning.

As an adult no one is going to wash your dishes or pick up after you, and since you are not in your own space, just letting clothes and dishes sit for days is not an option.

On the bright side

 If you can bite your tongue and keep your eye on the prize – saving
on rent and having a drastic reduction on your utility bills – crashing with the in-laws will be a godsend and who does not like to save money? 

Having an extra set of hands to babysit or zip up your
clothes is an added bonus.

Additionally, if your mother-in-law loves to cook then you are set! Home-cooked meals that are delicious beat fast food any day.

In the end it comes down to how long you intend to stay, if you can
abide by rules you did not make and how badly do you want to achieve
your dream.

It may not be easy but it can be worth it.