Sorry, what? Here are some of the worst things done to a mate

The bible says vengeance is mine but people like to hurry the process along and be active participants.

We’ve all done things we’re not proud of in relationships. Maybe not these however.

Many of us do not wait on karma to act and get invested in doing things to hurt someone who we think has wronged us, especially our partners. Sometimes we are sorry afterwards, especially if our action was a total over reaction and they did not deserve the harsh consequence meted out to them.

We may have blown things out of proportion and done things we probably should not have. It happens.

Here are some of the worst things we’ve ever done in a relationship:

1. Changed the names of numbers in their phone so it’s a wrong number. It is beyond petty…but effective

2. Put hair remover in their shampoo so that their hair falls out! 

3. When she did not want the man to leave home, one woman added laxative to his meal so that he was stuck on the toilet all night.

4. When one guy lost his temper, he shared nude pictures of his girl with his friends. Now all of them know where her birth mark is located!

5. After a girl broke up with one guy, citing that his member was on the small side, he got revenge by sleeping with her sister.

6. One female took it extremely far by emailing her man’s pastor and fellow congregants some explicit content from his own computer. He never went back to that church.

7. When a girl found out her man was on several dating sites claiming to be single, instead of shutting down his account, she simply changed his status from ‘straight’ to ‘gay’. For months he could not figure out why he was being bombarded by men inviting him out for drinks and a good time.

8. Leave without telling. A guy left his girl without even a goodbye text. She came home from work and all of his stuff was gone.

9. Spat/ put urine in their food. Yu have to be on a next level of evil to go there.