Yes, it’s possible: You can live with your ex

What did you say? That it is an abomination and will never happen? So, what about if that ex is someone you are in the process of divorcing and for the time being you still have to share the home until other legal arrangements are made and finalised? What then? Could you do it without the police or ambulance getting involved? 

Yes, you can with a lot of tolerance and resolve, plus a truckload of patience. Then you add common sense and basic courtesy. All of the above is required, as the person may not have changed but the relationship’s status and dynamics have. You are no longer sexually involved, but you are sharing common areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and living room. This means that a new level of etiquette and new ground rules have to be established.

If the space is small like a studio or one-bedroom, you cannot continue to be bed buddies. Even if you are not romantically involved, it is never a good idea, as one person can roll over in the middle of the night and get ‘coitusly creative’ between the sheets. Nope. It makes better sense for one person to sleep on the sofa. You are not bitter enemies, but you are not bosom buddies. So, your best bet in how to treat the person is to deal with them as if he/she is a roommate of the opposite gender. In this case, you wrap up yourself after a shower with a towel or robe. No more walking around naked.

Another major rule to observe is that once you are living together you cannot bring someone new that you are dating home. You just don’t. It is rude and inconsiderate and can lead to a fight, which will not get you anywhere but maybe a jail cell. Keep your new beau outside of the home and out of your ex’s crosshairs.

Now that you are not a couple anymore, you need to start splitting the bills down the middle. Go half and half on utilities and other expenses, as it is not only fair. But more importantly, it is symbolic of the fact that you to have split. It will be a new normal that may take some getting used to, but in the end, it should all work out.

— Written by C.W.

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