Yikes! Bad habits that can ruin a relationship

We all have flaws, quirks and habits that are our own but which our partners wished we would ditch, and the same can be said for them.

No one is perfect we know, but some habits drive people away faster than you can say there is a black republican at a Trump Rally. Some habits we can compromise on or overlook, others over time can drive a wedge in your union, so be cognizant of these if you want tranquillity versus toxicity in your relationship.


Most people just bury their ears in a pillow, but it has actually landed others in divorce court. No joke.

Excessive flatulence

What is just a little gas to one party is intolerable noxious fumes to another, and after a while they refuse to be ‘stinked’ to death anymore.


Some people are pathological which can be frustrating as you simply cannot believe a word that comes out of their mouths.

Hanging out with friends

If you spend every night or more time with friends than you do your mate, you do not need to be in a relationship.

Playing video games

An hour or two is how you relax, six or seven hours a day and you have a problem because your spouse will start complaining that they are not seeing you.

Picking your nose (and eating the contents)

Not only is it unattractive, it is also gross.

Not bathing every day

As an adult, you should not need someone to remind you that soap and water are your friends.

Eating box food daily

Some people are lazy, others are challenged in the kitchen, but no one wants to come home to box food every day. Plus it can run you a pretty penny when you add it all up since buying groceries is always cheaper.