Yohan Blake previews new additions at Mount Olivet Boys Home

Yohan Blake

Jamaican sprint star Yohan Blake has disclosed that newly constructed facilities at the Mount Olivet Boys Home will soon be ready for use by wards. The new facilities will include a dorm and a football turf, a performance stage and a play area for the wards.

Blake shared the news on his Instagram account recently, showing photos of the progress being made at the Manchester-based facility.

The pictures showed a state-of-the-art facility with modern designs and varied infrastructure to meet the needs of the wards. The sprint star, who is putting the final touches on his preparations for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, described it as a fulfillment of a dream.

“When you dream of something and it finally comes alive! My dream is to see every kid that is suffering that is a ward of the state live a normal life. Michael Jackson once said it starts with the person in the mirror that person is me,” he wrote.

He continued; “Every kid deserves to be smiling, each person deserves a better life. This is what I’m living for, my dream. This is why God put me on the earth, to create a living for the living. So start with me today YB Family.”

New facilities being developed at the boys home

The project has been ongoing for the better part of three years and was put together by the YB Afraid Foundation in partnership with watchmaker Richard Mille (Japan), Sandals Foundation, and Redgrave Luxury out of the UK.

Since Blake shared the news, the plaudits have been pouring in as persons offer their congratulations on the development.

Media personality and former beauty queen Yendy Phillips was among those expressing their joy at the move when she wrote; “this is incredible!! Well done Yohan Blake and the YB Afraid Foundation.”
Dancehall artiste Wayne Marshall wrote “simply brilliant work. What a HUGE project.”

Adam Stewart, chair of the Sandals group also dropped a line when he wrote “incredible work Yohan Blake. Don’t stop bro, love it.” To which Blake responded; “Adam Stewart thank you so much for being a part of this project. Always grateful for the continuous support.”

The facilities are expected to be handed over in short order as the boys wait patiently to access their new living space. 
It is also expected that the buildings that they are moving from will be utilized for other things such as a skill centre to benefit not only the wards but persons from the surrounding communities as well.