You are never too old to…

Age is really just a number when you put your mind to it.

As we age and our joints may creak a little louder each passing year, we begin to realise that a little more sleep is needed each night and the all night ‘bleaching’ is now a thing of the past.

Yes, we are not spring chickens as our doctors love to remind us but that doesn’t mean we are quite ready to be pushing up daisies.

If you tell yourself that you are as young as you feel, you can trick your body into believing it. Live each day as if you are a teenager and do the things that make you happy, not what people think is appropriate for someone you age. Remember people will talk about you regardless, so you may as well make the conversation interesting and colourful!

Below are some things that you’re never too old for:

1. Telling the truth.

2. Laughing out loud.

3. Calling up an old friend to reconnect.

4. Dancing like no one is looking.

5. Learning something new.

6. Setting new goals.

7. Start taking better care of your health.

8. Have a dream

9. Making a bucket list.

10. Having fun.