You did it where? Odd places people have sex

We would all love to think that our partners believe that we bring the heat, passion and the spice in the bedroom, so on occasion, we try to shake things up a bit and do things a little less predictable and conventional.  

How about a spontaneous ‘horizontal hockey’ session in a place that is out of the norm? Why not see how sexually adventurous you really are by choosing a location that may make your mate give you a questioning look…but also the thumbs-up signal.

As long as you are not breaking any laws or mooning any children, have at it. All is fair in love and sex as long as it is your partner and not someone else’s. You should consider that doing it in public places may put you at risk of being caught and possibly videoed by voyeurs or pranksters, so choose your locations wisely as the last thing you need is for your business to be all over social media or the news.


A couple’s bath can lead to a good time for all involved.

Airplane toilet

Many dream of joining the ‘mile high club’. With COVID-19 and all of these travel restrictions, membership may be a little tricky right about now.


Not the walk-in kind, but the little ones we were locked in as kids.


Now that takes so serious flexibility and skills.


It maybe killer on your back, and if it is wooden, watch out for splinters.

Store changing room

I guess it is the novelty of anticipating possibly being caught.


Just do not accidentally kick the hand brake. If you feel the car moving, it probably is.

A cot

If you have ever slept in one, you know how precarious this is.


Talk about taking a lift.

Under a house

The kind on the stilt, like the ones you see in parishes like Westmoreland. Under there is cool, dark and mysterious, an ideal place to get frisky if no one is around.