You know it’s summer when…

Most people love summer because of the increasing freedom that usually comes with it. It’s about being outdoors while staying hydrated and letting one day blend into another.

School’s out and summer is officially here! Some of our favourite memories are made during this period of heat and freedom.

Since you have a little more time on your hands, summer is also the perfect time to start dating, plant a garden, take on a new hobby or begin to do some volunteer work. It is a period of infinite possibilities. Indeed, there are just some things that are distinctly summer and we want to share a few of the most memorable.

1. Your armpit sweat has a whole different ‘musk’ altogether.

2. National Water Commission announces that the dam is near empty and there will be further water restrictions.

What’s summer without water lock-offs?

3. The air conditioning runs almost 24/. Come at me, electricity bills!

4. Food and snacks don’t last nearly long with the kids are home and nobody using their discretion.

5. Your daily wardrobe consists of cut-off jeans, crop tops and sleeveless shirts

Snacks just don’t last nearly as long with the kids at home.

6. You drive everywhere, even up the road because you are not walking in that heat.

7. You drink water, lots of it, thanks to the sweltering heat.  

8. The days seem hot and in the nights the house feels like an oven.

Pier One_Sunday Live
The days are hot and the nights offer little respite, what are we to do?

9. Your neighbours’ kids spend more time over your home because your kid has better video games AND snacks.

10. You can sleep an hour later as there are no school drop offs to co-ordinate 

11. You pray for rain but dread that those rain clouds may come with a hurricane.