You know she’s your soulmate if…

Have you ever met a girl that after just a few conversations, her entire vibe and energy are so positive and her personality so engaging that even if you are confirmed bachelor, she has you rethinking your hard rules and commitment to singlehood?

She genuinely likes the things you do, does not seem to have more baggage than a Boeing 747, and the more time you spend in her presence, the more appealing she becomes. Dude, she may be your soulmate.

To see if it is truly a match made in heaven, do some more investigation and see just how many boxes she easily checks off.

Likes your family

If she spends times with your mother without you prompting and combs your baby sister’s hair, laying down those edges, she’s a keeper.

Loves sports

A girl that understands the nuances of the game and is technically able to keep up with the lingo is priceless.

Likes to cook

So she can throw down in the kitchen and make gourmet type meal out of everyday ingredients. Grab her fast!

Knows how to tinker with a car

You will never see her stranded or helpless on the side of the road.

Drinks beer

If she can let out a good belch that starts from her guts then she can hang with the boys.

Will play video games

She is not an addict or anything, but she has thumbs that work great on the controls.

Has a great sense of humour

She gets your silly jokes and is not offended by the bawdy ones.

Is comfortable outdoors

Lying in the grass or going camping will not freak her out if a spider or two comes calling.

Is keen on your comic book collection

To her it is not infantile, it is a collector’s item.

Is a stallion in bed

She a freak, but only a freak for you? Boy, you better wife that girl!