You know the honeymoon is over when she starts wearing these to bed

Ask any man who likes to talk over a glass of rum and he will give you the lowdown on anything you want to know.

From religion and politics to cars and women… especially women. Wifey woes will dominate any bar discussion, as it seems some men still have axes to grind with women who they feel have conned, duped or wronged them in some way.

Not getting enough ‘nookie’ is an egregious offence to many men, and they will let you know all the signs to be aware of so that you can clearly see when things have taken a turn for the worst.

These men can forecast when there will be a drought on intercourse in your relationship, based on what your woman wears to bed.

1. Hair curlers/rollers

She is concerned about her hairdo, not your need to get physical.

2. Bonnet/durag

You know things are serious when it’s the shiny plastic-looking kind that resembles a shower cap.

3. Granny panties

If it is not ‘that time of the month’, she is sending you a clear message. Don’t touch this.

4.  Old socks

She definitely does not want you to warm her up.

5. Duster/house dress

If it’s frumpy and /or floral, you might have a problem.

6. Cold cream, facial mask

 That’s the last thing a man wants to see before he falls asleep or when wakes up in the morning. 

7. Old, torn or food-stained t-shirts

This is when you almost have a ‘roommate’ type relationship – she no longer cares how she looks to you, and the bed is simply a spot for sleeping.