You know you are wife material when…

A lot of women pride themselves on being versatile, creative, educated and well-rounded. They see themselves as a good catch and that any man should be happy to snag them as a girlfriend. But is there a difference between what a girlfriend and wife should bring to the table?

You’re ready for the wife role when his family adores your company – even more than his!

What exactly makes one eligible for a man to lock it down by putting a ring on it?

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In today’s society being a wife is much more than just being a good homemaker. If that was all it entailed, the men would just marry the women who get paid to do all the domestic chores.

Out of sight but never out of mind — a text to tell him how you feel comes naturally to you.

The following constitutes what men reveal are the qualities they look for in a woman in order for them to consider her wife material.

See if you qualify — that’s of course if you’re looking to fill that position.

  1. She has both a short and long term plan for advancing herself career-wise.
  2. She can hang with the guys but is sweet and polished enough to have dinner with his mother.
  3. If there is a crisis or emergency, her first words are “so what are WE going to do about it?”
  4. She enjoys her independence and does not expect her partner to take over all of her bills; because she is grown and can take care of herself.
  5. His family likes her company more than his — even if they don’t say it.
  6. She does random acts of kindness for him without even thinking of posting them on social media.
  7. She sends him love messages and notes throughout the week reminding him of why she appreciates his presence in her life.
  8. If religious, she prays for his safety every night before she goes to sleep.
  9. She works out to ensure that both her body and her brain are in good shape so that he never forgets what attracted him to her.
  10. Every once in a while she tries something new in the bedroom to surprise him and keep him on his toes.
  11. They can sit in silence and be comfortable in each other’s company or have a deep discussion about world philosophy or current events in the next.
  12. When people mention her name, it brings a wide, toothy smile to his face.

Hey — it’s what a man wants! But what makes good husband material…