You know your friend is your ride or die when…

You have been friends since forever. Through birthdays, new jobs, promotions, break-ups, engagements, weddings, births and even deaths. You know her like the lines in the palm of your hand, and she knows you like she knows every mole on her face. You have been through a lot and will probably remain friends until one of you kicks the bucket.

Yes, there are friendships, and then there are those special bonds that transcend even familial ties, as at times she seems closer than even your blood. It is the kind of relationship that old-time people used to describe as ‘good friend better than pocket coin’. Peruse the list below and see if you have such a ride or die in your life …or if you need a new set of friends.

A special bond…

1. When you call crying, she turns up with tissue and your favourite ice cream before even asking what is wrong.

2. You get into a fight, and she comes and bails you out of jail.

3. You need somewhere to stay, and she lets you crash on her sofa.

4. Someone starts an argument with you in the club, and she steps in front of you and starts taking off her earrings and shoes.

5. You ask her for a loan, and she gives you the money and calls it a ‘gift’.

6. She babysits your kids even though she complains about how rotten and spoilt they are.

7. You feel sick and she cooks you some soup…even though she cannot really cook!

8. You get pregnant, and though she cannot stand your trifling man, she still invites him to the baby shower.

9. You get drunk and need to throw up, and she holds back your hair so that it does not get into the mess.

10. Your parent dies, and because you cannot hold it together, she makes all of the funeral arrangements for you.