You may be a control freak if…

A control freak usually wants things to be done his/her way.

They see it as helping, others see it as them taking over as usual. They see it as constructive criticism, others see it as them meddling in their business. People who have control issues rarely realise how involved they get or how much they interject themselves into people’s daily lives be it spouse, children or friends.

Taking over

Have you ever sought to do a simple community project or organise a fundraiser and someone just steps in and takes over. They have to have a say in everything and micromanages everyone to the annoyance of some that they want to quit and leave them to it. Those people are born control freaks, but before you laugh at the absurdity of it all, you should ensure that you are not one of them.

1. You think people would be better if they changed a few things about themselves, and so you try to get them to execute those changes, albeit without their permission.

2. You have to know where your partner is every hour of the day.

3. You insist that when you call your mate, they video call you so that you can see exactly where they are and who they are with.

4. You keep telling people that if they make some adjustment then they will be awesome. Who died and made you God?

5. You delegate tasks and then supervise and micromanage every step of the way until it is done. This is how you frustrate people.

6. You judge other people’s actions as right or wrong and are always quick to offer your ‘advice’.

7. If someone is reluctant to listen to you, you try to manipulate the situation until it is in your favour.

8. You intervene on people’s behalf and take up their cause even though it is not your battle to fight

You want to pick your mate’s friends. You do not like the people he/she hangs out with and want to handpick ‘better quality’ people for them.

10. You go through their phone. You want to know everything they are doing and saying when you are not around.