You may be a slob if…

She just walked into the house and started yelling about something you forgot to do.

You can already feel that it’s going to be one of these nights.

She has been complaining about how messy you are and while you think you are just fine, other people in your life have told you the same thing – you are a slob, or you at least have some slob-like ways.

Yes, she cleans way more often than you do, but in your mind that is because she likes to keep herself busy. 

You, on the other hand, are more laid back and mellow. You do not mind seeing a cobweb or two, and you have no qualms about living in a home where there are ants and cockroaches in select places. Chances are that if others are telling you that you have a problem, you may very well have one. It may be time to do a little introspection to see if they are blowing things out of proportion or if you really are as bad as they say. You may truly be a slob if…

1. Your friends never want to stop by or come inside your house.

2. You eat and put your dishes on the floor instead of the sink.

3. All of your clothes, both clean and dirty, are in the same pile and you cannot tell which is which.

4. When you see rodent droppings you simply ignore them.

5. You let your dirty dishes and pots just pile up in the sink until you run out of clean ones to use.

6. The only time your home is cleaned is when someone comes over and out of frustration, they do it.

7. Things that fall on the floor are hardly ever retrieved.

8. There is no designated area for any item, you just let them stay wherever.

9. If you are not exercising or doing something that makes you sweat profusely, you do not see the need to shower daily.

10. Your slippers are sticking to your floor’s surface.