You probably should avoid wearing these to the office

The coronavirus has turned the world on her axis and changed the way we feel, travel, socialise and live.

Flip-flops are not appropriate for work.

Working from home has become the new normal for many people, and most are happy to be on their laptops in bed punching out figures in their pyjamas or attending zoom meeting with an acceptable work shirt or blouse, but from the waist down it is all ‘yard clothes chic’. Indeed some people are even complaining that their ‘good clothes’ are in mourning having been ignored for so many months and left hanging in the closet.

Rules still apply

However, for those forced to still get up and go into an actual work space, the rules still apply unless you are going in after hours at night or you agree to come in all by your lonesome and work on the weekends. An office is still a place of business, hence work attire has not been discarded. You may have rolled up your sleeves a bit and bypass the jacket, but the work continues. Forget about ‘Dress Down Wednesday’ or ‘Casual Friday’. None of that matters if you really want to ascend the corporate ladder. Like it or not, looks count, so do not be caught dead at work in any of the following unless it is a company trip and the office is simply the assembly point.

1. Flip-flop. Most corporate offices have a no open-toe policy anyways.

2. Spaghetti Straps. Showing shoulders and cleavage is for other occupations.

3. Shorts. Absolutely not!

4. Baseball caps. It is an office, not a sporting event.

5. Fanny pack. It looks weird, and you will not be taken seriously.

6. Low rise jeans. A ‘crack attack’ is nothing anyone wants to see.

7.  Tights. If inappropriate is a thing, this is it.

8. See-through, sheer or mesh. Cheers to dressing for your nightlife but not a board meeting.

9.  Yoga pants. Was meant for doing yoga.

10. Pants with no belts worn under the butt. Men who have their pants hanging low should be escorted out of the building by security.