Young businesswomen making extra bucks from Instagram boutiques

An Instagram boutique may just be the answer you need to start having multiple sources of income. 

At least that the sentiments of three entrepreneurs who operate stores on social media.

Instagram stores make shopping easier (Photo: Vector Image)

Shinoy Tape operates a company called Hair and There (@hairandthere) on Instagram. She said she started her store to pursue a passion that was unfulfilled at her day job.

“I have a passion for hair. I grew up around hair. My mother is a hairdresser, so I was also shampooing and doing twists out and doing little things around the shop,” she said.

The reservations agent said the money she makes from her store supplements what she earns from her regular nine to five.

“I launched my business two weeks ago, and already I have made about $45,000 on orders I completed,” she told BUZZ.

Owner of Shop Shan Closet (@shopshancloset), 23-year-old Shanielle Gordon, started her store three years ago. She is encouraging others to get on board.

“Go for it, social media is very powerful,” she told BUZZ.

“It was a big help for me, I was gaining some money to help out with whatever I needed for myself. I earn about $30,000 every month”.

— Shanielle Gordon

Gordon, who’s also a freelance makeup artist, said she started her Instagram boutique while at the University of Technology pursuing a  Communication Arts and Technology degree. She started off with makeup and other beauty accessories but has now expanded to include clothing items. 

This ‘Reggae Bikini’ cost $3,000 on @shopshancloset.

She said that the money she earned from her business assisted her throughout university.

“It was a big help for me. I was gaining some money to help out with whatever I needed for myself. I earn about $30,000 every month.” she said. 

Candice Turner owns Candi Closet (@candiclosetja) and has been operating it for five years now. She enjoys the advantages of having an online-based store. 

“Going online is relatively cheaper, and I don’t have to pay any overhead costs,” she said.