Young couple gives tips on owning a home while under 30

Courtney and Mickha Francis (Photo: @ladymickhalove)

Do you dream of owning your own home? I know I do! But with student loan, rent, and all the other expenses I have on my salary that’s a dream I’ve been contented to push down further into the future.

That was until I watched a video on YouTube of a young Jamaican couple who’ve managed to acquire their own home under thirty! (Yes, you read that right). I was really impressed. Courtney and Mickha Francis managed to buy a home and shared all the deets on their YouTube channel, Courtney and Mickha TV.

Start Saving

Well, BUZZ fam, I know you could probably figure the first tip — saving. About this, Courtney, A.K.A El Cheapo, said: “One thing I can guarantee you is that no matter which house you ago go fa, it ago cost you, so just start saving before you start the official process.”

Pay your NHT Contributions

Unless you plan to just save for the rest of your life, then you need to pay your National Housing Trust (NHT) contributions. And Courtney provided some clarification on the process. “Whether your an entrepreneur or you’re working for somebody, throw your NHT. A lot of people think that you have to be in a big 9-5 position to get things like your NHT benefits, but you can even be unemployed and contribute. The contribution can be a small amount, you need to contribute at least a year to get benefits,” he said

Get outstanding debts up to date

Be sure to get all your loans and credit card payments up to date.

If you have a student loan, or credit card debt, then you need to ensure the payments are up to date. “You have to watch your credit card, you have to pay your student loan if you’re behind on that, all of those things need to be in check, because if you have bad debt you’re telling the bank and NHT, that you’re not a good borrower,” he said.

Finding a home for your budget

Let the search begin

Now if you are doing all of that, then its time to go to NHT, and have a chat.  “Find out how much you can get from them, and then go to the bank and ask how much you can get from them, and if they tell you ten million, you start looking for houses in that bracket,” he said.

Don’t be afraid to take a house that needs a little bit of renovation.

Click here for full the video, as well as Mickha’s tips on interior designing.