Young, dumb and in love … at work

Office affairs are not uncommon in Jamaica.

Keep it professional! But turns out that is easier said than done because you can’t stop staring in the direction of that hot co-worker. The intensity is building, blood is rushing through your veins, and sweat is bursting through your pores, as he or she walks by. It seems you might have a crush on your co-worker.

Many persons shun the idea of mixing business with pleasure, but ‘office love’ is not uncommon. In fact, it happens more often than you think.

But before you jump head-on into a relationship with your co-worker, you need to remember that such a union comes with good and bad.

There are pros to dating someone you work with.

Here are some pros of such a relationship.

Getting to see the person daily

You get to see that special someone eevveerryy day. So, no more sitting alone being droopy at the lunch table or even spending your breaks by yourself.

They can relate to your work

Say goodbye to the questions like: ‘Who is Kim again?’ or ‘Could you explain what you do again?’. A lover, who is your co-worker, can fully understand your frustration or your need to vent.

Spice is in the air

All of a sudden, you are eager to go to work, and you can’t help but think of getting naughty in an empty boardroom. You just want each other, and it’s almost as if you can’t keep your hands to yourself.                                                          

Your little office affair might even come with a bit of drama.

Unfortunately, there are some cons to your little office affair.

The entire office could find out

This could be pretty cool, and everyone might be happy for you guys, but … it might become a burden after a while when everyone starts to inquire, “Is John coming in today?’ or ‘Is everything OK in your relationship?.’ ‘Oh my god, give me a break’, would probably be your reaction.

Becoming distracted

It feels like you’re in high school again, being all young, dumb and in love. Sigh. The harsh reality is that having the love of your life at work could become your number one distraction. Your performance level might even decrease. But guess what? You’re too busy being in love to realise.

The relationship ends

You break up, and it could have been a nasty split. This ‘break’ could be detrimental to both person, as pettiness and unprofessionalism may take over and cause either party to be unfairly treated, especially if you were flirting or dating your boss.

If you decide to get involved with your co-worker, keep it professional.

Some companies have protocols and behavioural guidelines when it comes to relationships in the workplace. So, if you’re in that kind of space, you’re taking a risk by getting involved with your co-worker.

If you intend to get in on some of that office love, be discreet. Cut back on the grand gestures and ‘mushy’ stuff. Leave that until you are somewhere private.

— Shavenya Smikle