Your ‘friend’ might be sipping on some ‘haterade’…

Have you ever accomplished something like obtaining a degree, got married or had a baby and someone, who claimed to be a friend, made some remark that was so off-putting that you had to do a double-take because you began wondering where it is coming from? You may even start to second guess if the friendship or relationship is real.

Some may say this person is an undercover hater. That is someone who comes across as a friend but deep down does not have your best interest at heart. To save yourself time and future headache, check to ensure that those around you really want you to win. Look at the checklist to see if you can spot those who sip on ‘haterade’.  

1. When you are not around, they have nothing positive to say. That is a big red flag.

2. They never keep the same energy to your face that they have behind your back. They seem to switch up when you are not there.

3. They roll their eyes when you mention anything that you have achieved. What is that about?

4. They always compare themselves to you. This is saying: “You nuh more than me!”

5. They interrupt you a lot when you talk. They try to cut you off to steal your shine as they fear you outshining them

6. They scoff when someone talks about you or commends you. Yup, straight haters.

7. They follow you on social media but do not like or comment on anything. 

8. If you work together, they deliberately withhold information from you. It is almost as if they want you to look dumb, unprepared or unprofessional to your boss.

9. If you share things with them, you hear it back from other people. Your confidences are not being kept.

10. Your other friends tell you that they ‘chat’ you. You do not need to hear anything more! 

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