Your partner wants to sleep over… but you still live with your parents

She thinks you are cool, a good conversationalist and a real catch. You have been seeing each other for a while. However, she thinks the reason you have not jumped her bones is because you are a gentleman and are being respectful. Pity she has no clue that for all your seeming success, you still live with your parents.

You sneak your female friends in and out

You help with the bills and all but call it what it is, you are still living with your parents. While they put no restrictions on you as you are a grown adult, you don’t play the dirty songs when they are around, and you sneak your female friends in and out while they are asleep or not at home.

This one, however, feels different so you do not want to have any covert nocturnal activities. So, how is that going to work? If you have your own entrance, it can be fairly easy because you won’t be walking through their living room to get to your bedroom. That’s a huge plus.

Contributor to the household

However, if you are as grown as you claim, then put on your grown underwear and have a discussion with your parents about having ‘company’ over. Explain that you respect their home, but as a contributor to the household you want your significant other or at least a companion to be welcomed there.

If your parents are Christians, expect opposition. Adult or not, they are not going to be thrilled about you wanting to have sex under their roof!  You will be lucky if they allow you to close the door when you have ‘company’ over. Some parents will blatantly insist that your female friends stay in the living room because in their eyes if you wanna get ‘busy’ you need to put a ring on it.

Extra set of eyes and ears

If they are not Holy Ghost-filled, you may stand a chance at convincing them that sleepovers are just as OK now as they were when you were a kid. Extol the benefits of having an extra set of eyes and ears for safety, as well an extra pair of hands to help you in the morning.

Though they have not moved in, it cannot hurt to know that you are being cared for, which is a burden off of their shoulders if you are a mamma’s boy or a daddy’s girl since you will have someone at your beck and call, which means they no longer have to be. In fairness, having someone sleepover can be a sign that you are growing up and learning to not only share space with someone but equally as important, how to compromise.   

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