You’re not a real Jamaican if…

Coming out of the patriotic fervour of our ‘emancipendence’ season, naturally, we are still seething with national pride.

While we’re still donning our black, green and gold, let’s look at all the reasons we love this little piece of the rock we call ‘Jah-Mek-Yah’.

Some things evoke those nostalgic feelings that allow us to reconnect with our culture in ways that remind us, that despite our many challenges ‘the land is green and the sun still shineth”.

So, let’s see just how ‘Jamaican’ you are…(or for our international friends, if you qualify for a “Yardie Pass”)

You’re not a real ‘yardie’ if you’ve never…

  • Played marble or ‘lastic’
  • Called someone of Chinese descent ‘Missa Chin’
  • Pulled a loose tooth by tying a string to a doorknob and yanking it
  • ‘Bade’ (bathe) a river
  • Run a boat (A community pot-luck)
  • Cuss some choice Jamaican claat or bad wud (expletives)!
  • Fly a kite during Easter
  • Played dandy-shandy as a child – or even as an adult!
  • Used a wire hanger to make an antenna for the TV
  • Went to a nine-night!
  • Went to a street-dance
  • Rubbed Vaseline on a burn as a child
  • Thrown your newly dislodged tooth on the housetop
  • Told or listened to a duppy story
  • Had an encounter wid a duppy!
  • For our ladies – worn ‘chiney bump’ after getting your hair washed
  • ‘Bade’ in a pan
  • Ate a sky juice (snowcone with a “Yardie twist”)
  • Ate a ‘suck-suck’, kisko or King Kong
  • Wrapped your school books with either newspaper or brown paper bag
  • Stolen a piece of meat from your mother’s/granny’s pot
  • Shared a patty with a friend
  • Boom (jumped) a fence
  • Played ‘las lick’ with your friends after school

How many did you cover on the list?