You’re probably high maintenance if…

We all have a friend who likes the finer things in life but some are a little more extreme and to live similar to celebrities even if they can barely afford it.

Going out without a full face of makeup? Not happening.

If you are high maintenance, you never leave home without being camera-ready and even a simple trip to the supermarket requires a planned outfit. To just show up in something that was just thrown together isn’t even a consideration.

Even on a windy day, the world conspires to help you live your fantasy and every strand of hair remains in place. Wearing Crocs is unimaginable and that ‘little black dress’ reads as ‘basic’ in your mind.

If your purse has all that makeup that Mac can make but no hand sanitiser, you should just write ‘high maintenance’ across your forehead.

A chipped nail must be immediately fixed. Those nail appointments are mandatory.

Check out the list below and see how many apply to you:

1. A third or more of your income is spent on make-up, beauty products and clothes.

2. You cannot go out spontaneously. Your ensemble requires thought from head to toe, accessories included.

3. You do a full make-up beat even though you’ll be wearing a mask all day.

Shopping for bargains? Naw, we don’t shop in clearance. (Photo: Seekers Digest)

4. You never repeat an event’s outfit. The horror!

5. You get your hair and nails done every two weeks.

6. If your boyfriend turns up unexpectedly, you let him wait while you get fully done up.

7. You live in a two-bedroom home and the second bedroom is not actually a bedroom but a closet.

8. You never shop in the discount section or rummage through the bargain bin at the front. 

We love of BFFs but do not turn up looking more in point than I do..

9. If you touch road and see anyone in a similar outfit, you go home immediately.

10. Not only have a full-length mirror in your closet but also strip carpeting that doubles as a runway.

11. You change if you feel your friend’s outfit is more popping than yours.

12. You will not go out with jacked-up or broken nails

13. Your friends send you gift certificates for spa treatments rather than fruit baskets on your birthday.

14. You will do without groceries in order to pay for your salon expenses if needs be.