You’ve been sipping on the best coffee

It’s Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day!

The day is here to promote and recognise Blue Mountain Coffee across the world. Blue Mountain coffee is loved by many and is considered one of the best coffees in the world.

The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is grown on Jamaica’s only UNESCO World Heritage site on the south-east of the island.

But the question is what makes Blue Mountain Coffee so unique other than being made in Jamaica?

According to National Geographic, Blue Mountain coffee is grown at a much higher altitude than other coffee farms, while factoring in the climate of the mountainous territory which contributes to its unique flavour.

Another interesting fact is the cool temperature in Blue Mountain which causes the coffee to take twice as long to harvest making it even better.

Not to brag, but Blue Mountain coffee is one of the world-leading brands because of its regimented harvesting and quality control procedure in place.

Jamaica annually produces on average 14 million pounds of coffee, with Japan being one of the country’s primary markets – accounting for 60% of the coffee exported annually.

Be sure to enjoy a hot or cold brew today BUZZ fam.