Yup, ‘adulting’ sucks: Signs you might be doing it right

A big part of ‘adulting’ is paying your bills on time.

As children, most of us could not wait to grow up because we saw it as a period of ultimate freedom. We knew we could go where we want and do whatever we like and no one could tell us no because we no longer had curfews, allowances, babysitters or caregivers. Being an adult seemed like the coolest thing ever.

So, what happened? Well, we grew up and realised all the hoopla did not live up to the hype, as now we have freedom but no money. All we do is pay bills and taxes and go to a job that many of us hate, just to watch the clock and pray for the weekend to come. Yup, ‘adulting’ sucks. It sucks, even more, when you have attained the age chronologically but your brain has not caught up with your bank account, so you still have to rely on mom and dad sometimes to help you out.

As children, many persons wanted to become adults, but it can be very stressful.

Now you have made a conscious effort not to be a grown child but to actually act like an adult. However, for the most part, those around you remain sceptical.

The checklist

Here is a checklist to prove to them, as well as yourself, that you have finally gotten the knack of ‘adulting’.

1. You pay your rent each month …on time.

2. You have cut up all those credit cards that used to get you into so much trouble.

3. When your friends call you to go out, you check your bank balance online …and take a rain check

4. You have learnt to cook (though it is only chicken) instead of eating out.

‘Adulting’ means eating food that you prepared at home more often.

5. You stop taking a cab everywhere you go and take the bus during the day to save money.

6. When your friends have birthdays you make them a sentiment token instead of rushing to buy them an expensive gift

7. You cut out the long weekend drinking and stock your refrigerator with water.

8. You no longer indulge in name brand purchases as you have found a chic little store that sells off the rack bargains that are perfect for both your body type, as well as your budget.

9. You switch from an unlimited phone plan to buying credit, as then you can track how much you spend on calls.

10. When you see a girl that is obviously high maintenance, you say “not today Satan”, cut your eye and pass her because her nails, weave and eyelashes are not in your budget!

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