Yup, you have outgrown your partner

When you start ignoring your partner’s calls, it might be time to end the relationship.

Your arguments have more rounds than a boxing match, and when their name comes up on the phone, it does not fill you with that warm fuzzy feeling but rather has you hissing your teeth and ignoring the calls. Though you still love them, you recognise that you may not like them sometimes, and you wonder why you are still holding on to a relationship that no longer makes you feel good.

Is it worth the stress?

If you are experiencing most of that, you probably need to re-evaluate the situation as objectively as you can muster. Is it worth the stress? Do the pros outweigh the cons? Can both your love conquer all the issues you collectively have or have you simply outgrown the person you are with?

If the presence of your spouse upsets you, that is not a good thing.

In order to figure out if you should ease on down the road alone, consider the following signs to determine if the relationship has outlived its usefulness to you. Sometimes the truth is painful, but better tears now than a lifetime of hurt that could have been avoided.

Avoiding a lifetime of hurt

1.  You no longer respect them or their opinion. Red flag number one. If when they share, you dismiss their opinion as being irrelevant, you have already checked out. You just do not realise it as yet.

2. They no longer do it for you sexually. If when they get naked or try to get intimate, you feel nothing, then their sex appeal is no longer appealing to you.

3. You feel taken for granted or you take them for granted. Either way it is not good.

When you no longer want to do things together, it might be time to say goodbye.

4. The things you have in common are no longer that similar. If your core values have shifted or changed and what is important to them is no longer that critical to you, it is time to say goodbye.

5. You no longer do or want to do stuff together. If you spend more time apart than together and it is not a long-distance relationship, then you simply do not care to be in each other’s presence.

6. Their presence irks or annoys you. If being around them aggravates you, then you have subconsciously checked out already. Have enough respect for them to end it decently and as amicably as possible.

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