Zac Hanson injured in motorcycle crash

The ‘MMM Bop’ hitmaker has been left with a few broken bones after getting caught up in a vehicle accident as he prepped for an upcoming cross-country ride.

He wrote on Instagram: “Wednesday I was involved in a wreck on my motorcycle while preparing for an upcoming cross-country ride. Though I ended up with three broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and a cracked scapula, nothing is injured that won’t heal with a little rest and time, and a healthy dose of gaming! Thankfully with good quality protective gear, I was able to walk away, even if very slowly with the help of Isaac, Taylor, and a few of a Tulsa fire fighters. (sic)”

However, Zac has vowed that him and his brothers – Isaac and Taylor – won’t be cancelling any shows and Zac will have someone else play drums in the meantime.