ZJ Rush urges artistes to consult lawyers before signing contracts

Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion recently confirmed to her ‘Hotties’ on Instagram Live that she is now in a legal battle with her record label, 1501 Entertainment.

ZJ Rush says artistes should consult their lawyers before signing contracts.

This is not the first time an artiste has publicly addressed the discrepancies they are facing with a record label.

The matter at hand not only affects international entertainers, as several Jamaican entertainers have publicly addressed the issue after being shortchanged by these entities.

“A manager isn’t just an investor.”

— ZJ Rush

However, radio DJ and founder of Code Red Sound, ZJ Rush, says entertainers need to become informed and exercise caution when signing contracts.

He said: “Does someone sign a housing agreement without a lawyer? Does one go to court without a lawyer? When you are sick, do you self-medicate or do you seek an expert? So, why not consult an expert or lawyer before signing a contract?”

Problem solver

While some artistes claim that they manage their own careers, Rush insisted that one size does not always fit all.

“Different artistes need different things. It’s to analyse your situation and figure out what gaps are needed to be filled and then figure out whom to add to your team to fill those gaps,” Rush explained.

Megan Thee Stallion recently disclosed that she is now in a legal battle with her record label.

He also quickly denounced the notion that a manager’s job is to spend money.

“A manager’s job is not to come in and spend money as most local artistes think. A manager isn’t just an investor,” he said.

Rush currently manages an artiste named Jakal, and he operates a label called Urban Legends Records. And based on his experience in the area, he said that both parties must be on the same page.  

“The only thing to be clear is what is expected exactly; what the roles are to be ‘exactly’; what needs to be done by both parties, and by when,” Rush said, adding that a manager should also be a problem solver.