Zoe Kravitz: Botox to stop sweating is dumb

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz thinks having Botox injections to stop sweating is “dumb”.

The ‘Big Little Lies’ actress hit out at the trend for the procedure, insisting it is a “scary” concept and urged her fans not to try it because they need to perspire.

Asked what beauty trends have surprised her, she told America’s Vogue magazine: “Botox for sweat. That is the dumbest, scariest thing I’ve ever heard. Don’t do that–sweating is key.”

“That is the dumbest, scariest thing I’ve ever heard.”

— Zoe Kravitz

Although the 30-year-old actress didn’t single out anyone in particular with her comments, Chrissy Teigen recently admitted she got the injection to stop sweating.

She wrote over a clip of her being injected: “@drjasondiamond is my favourite human. BOTOXED MY ARMPITS. TRULY BEST MOVE I HAVE EVER MADE. I can wear silk again without soaking woohoo! (sic)”