Zuckerberg has entered the WhatsApp chat

Following his acquisition of WhatsApp, millions of users have been on edge to see what Mark Zuckerberg would do with the platform.

Mark Zuckerberg,

Speculations about the popular messaging app being inter-linked with other products owned by Zuckerberg including Facebook and Facebook Messenger have been swirling around.

Well, speculate no more.

Following its latest update, WhatsApp users started to see the option to share their status updates to Facebook Stories.

BUZZ was able to spot the feature on the latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone. The feature seems to be here to stay on both Android and iPhone, with WhatsApp detailing on its website how to use it.

The arrival has been met with mixed reactions – some noting that it has great potential for advertisers.

Others are not as enthused by it.

Tell us BUZZ fam, will you be doubling up on the status shares on Facebook and WhatsApp?