$1 billion allocated to fight dengue outbreak in Jamaica

The Jamaican Cabinet has approved the allocation of a further $1 billion in a bid to contain the current outbreak of the dengue virus on the island.

Health and Wellness Minister Dr Christopher Tufton made the announcement in Parliament Tuesday afternoon.

According to Tufton, $468 million will be used for the purchase of 35 vector control vehicles and mounted foggers, tablets for water treatment and payment for vector control workers.

Tufton also said that the vector control programme would continue for six months after the declared end to the dengue outbreak.

National Dengue Coordination Committee to be established

The Health Minister said that the new thrust would also include other ministries and agencies. In addition, he said that a National Dengue Coordination Committee will also be established.

Among the bodies that will be involved in the initiative are the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development; Social Development Commission; National Solid Waste Management Authority; Ministry of Education, Youth and Information; Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries; and National Works Agency.