103-year-old woman recovers from coronavirus

103-year-old Zhang Guangfen, being assisted by a doctor (Photo: newshub)

A 103-year-old woman has recovered from the coronavirus-COVID-19.

She is Zhang Guangfen, a Chinese national, who recovered from the disease after receiving just six days of treatment at a hospital in Wuhan, China-the city the outbreak originated. 

The virus, which continues to infect thousands around the world is considered more fatal to older people and people with preexisting medical conditions.  

But apart from mild chronic bronchitis, Guangfen had no other underlying health conditions.  

The centenarian is now the oldest person to recover from the virus, days after a 101-year-old man also beat the virus in Wuhan.

She was diagnosed at Liyuan Hospital, Tongji Medical College, in Wuhan, China, according to media reports.

A video showing the woman being escorted out of the hospital to a waiting ambulance by a group of medical workers as she was discharged on Tuesday, was also being circulated in the media.