12 Cuban migrants quarantined after boat turns up in Cayman

Twelve Cuban migrants were placed in a State-run quarantine facility after arriving in Cayman aboard a makeshift vessel.

The vessel, which appears to have been powered by sail, arrived in Little Cayman on yesterday, December 6.

Reports from Cayman Islands officials are that 10 males and two females, were on board with one male migrant said to have been in the Cayman Islands before in 2016.

It is understood that upon reaching land in Little Cayman, the migrants indicated they had been at sea for five days.

They were taken to Cayman Brac, where they were tested for COVID-19 and placed in mandatory quarantine in a government facility.

According to officials in the border service, the pandemic has caused delays, however the migrants will be deported to their native Cuba.

Little Cayman is one of three Islands comprising the Cayman Islands. It is by far the least populous of the three, with a permanent population of about 250 people.