15-year-old boy dies from the black plague in Mongolia

Black Plague case discovered in Mongolia | Buzz

A 15-year-old boy has died from the black plague (bubonic plague) in Mongolia. According to reports, the unnamed teenager had a high fever after eating marmot meat with two friends. He died three days after eating the rodent meat.

The boy died in the western Mongolian province of Govi-Altai, said the country’s National Centre for Zoonotic Diseases (NCZD).

Dozens of people who made contact with him have been placed in isolation over the deadly disease.

A lockdown has been imposed in five soums or districts to stop the spread.

The black plague is a bacterial disease spread by fleas living on wild rodents like marmots. It kills in less than 24 hours if not treated promptly.

Up to 200million people were killed by the Black Death – bubonic plague – in the 14th century.