21 persons aboard cruise ship off the coast of California test positive for coronavirus

The number of persons infected with the novel coronavirus in the United States continues to increase after several persons abroad a cruise ship tested positive for the virus.

The Grand Princess is now anchored off the coast of California. (Photo: businessinsider.com)

It has been reported that 21 persons abroad the Grand Princess, off the coast of California, tested positive for COVID-19. Of the 46 persons who tested positive for the virus, 19 are crew members while the other two are passengers.

The ship had been on a two-week cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii when authorities recognised what was happening and sought to contain it.

All this came to light after a 71-year-old man, who had been aboard the vessel in early February, died after contracting the virus – the first reported death in California. At least six other persons who were on board the vessel with the man have also tested positive for the virus.

Subsequently, test kits were airdropped to the vessel, and 46 persons were tested aboard which revealed the infected number.

US Vice President Mike Pence has indicated that the rest of the 3,500 persons aboard the vessel will also be tested.