22 plastic bags found inside dead crocodile

Almost two dozen plastic bags were retrieved from the stomach of a wild crocodile that was found dead in Jamaica recently.

About 22 plastic bags were found inside this dead crocodile recently. (Photo: Instagram – Joey Brown)

It is understood that the croc was found by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) and brought to Hope Zoo where a post-mortem was done. During the process, 22 plastic bags were found inside the crocodile.

“#Plastickills Stomach contents of a wild #crocodile found dead here in #Jamaica. The croc was retrieved by @nepajm and brought to @hopezookingston for a post-mortem. As I opened up the stomach, I discovered it was packed completely full with over 22 #plastic bags,” said Joey Brown, the general curator at Hope Zoo.

Brown, who is also a conservation biologist, used the opportunity to highlight how plastic pollution is affecting reptiles.

“Everyone needs to see this. From our oceans to our freshwater rivers & lakes, #plasticpollution is effecting all wildlife. Where does your #plastic end up? These bags probably contained meat at some point and then ended up in a nearby waterway. The crocodile likely ingested the #plasticbags while scavenging for food,” he said.

Crocodiles are one of Jamaica’s many endangered animal species. They are protected under the Wild Life Protection Act.