30 families in Greater Portmore receive land titles

Prime Minister Andrew Holness shares a moment with 30 new landowners in Greater Portmore at a ceremony for the presentation of certificates of title on Wed (Dec 18).

Thirty families in Greater Portmore, St Catherine have been presented with titles to their homes by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

They received their documents at a ceremony at the Greater Portmore Open Bible Church in St Catherine on Wednesday (Dec 18). Holness told the beneficiaries that their titles empower them to enhance their social and financial standing.

“You now have ownership in law. You can pass it on… to your children. You can take loans on it if you so desire for the further advancement of your family or you could just rest in peace knowing that the hard work and sacrifice is now in your hands,” Holness said.

He said next year the Government will rapidly increase the number of housing solutions on the market. “What we will do in Bernard Lodge, what we will do in St Thomas and in other areas of the country, will rapidly expand housing and then we have to now reclaim the communities in Kingston to make them attractive again for people to live in,” he said.