$4 billion Cornwall Regional renovation to end late 2020

Renovation to the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) will cost $4 billion and will be completed by the end of 2020, according to the chairman of the Independent Oversight Committee, Professor Archibald McDonald.

The Cornwall Regional Hospital in St James is now being renovated.

McDonald said that they have experienced slight challenges in the renovation, but said the $4 billion expected to complete the project is more cost-effective than the government building a new facility.

McDonald, speaking at a press conference last Thursday, said that a new hospital would cost approximately $30 billion to build.

Although the renovation cost has been moving up since the project started, McDonald said that progress has been made with the completion of phase one. This is the renovation of the roof on the 10-storey building.

According to McDonald, phase two of the project, which is the strengthening of the roof and demolition of the interior walls are also moving along smoothly.