5 things to know about the St Mary man who escaped from quarantine in Kingston

Twenty-seven-year-old Kemar Bailey escaped from a coronavirus quarantine centre in Kingston late Monday night (March 10).

Bailey escaped from the centre after he was allowed to collect a bag from a relative at the gate of the facility. He was found early Tuesday morning in the company of a woman in the Waltham Park area.

Given that the story has sparked a lot of interest, BUZZ decided to do a little digging into who Kemar Bailey is.

Here are 5 facts about Kemar Bailey:

  • He arrived in Montego Bay on March 7.
  • Bailey is a chef by profession.
  • Prior to arriving in Mobay, he had been working as a chef aboard a ship that visited Japan.
  • When Bailey arrived at the airport, he was said to have been quarantined despite not having a temperature.
  • He is a father. Bailey is said to have complained that he wanted to go home to take care of his child.