500,000 trees in two years: PSOJ supports tree-planting project in Jamaica

Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) Vice President, Mariame McIntosh, addresses journalists during Thursday’s launch of the PSOJ’s 2020-2022 Strategy at the organisation’s head office in Kingston.

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) is looking to facilitate the planting of at least 500,000 trees over the next two years.

 The move is in support of the Government’s initiative, launched last October, for the planting of three million trees over three years as part of measures to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“We are but a very small region… but at great risk.”

— PSOJ Vice President, Mariame McIntosh Robinson

It is also in keeping with the PSOJ’s focus on environmental sustainability being spearheaded by the organisation’s Energy, Environment and Climate Change Committee.

Climate change

Environmental sustainability is one of six key target areas contained in the PSOJ’s 2020-2022 Strategy document, which was unveiled during a media briefing at the entity’s head office in Kingston on Thursday (January 9).

PSOJ Vice President, Mariame McIntosh Robinson, said that the organisation is “very supportive [of] and enthusiastic” about the Government’s tree-planting project, noting that it is expected to have a “tremendously positive impact” on the environment.

“Environmental sustainability… essentially climate change, is one of the biggest risks facing our region today. That risk is only going to grow [if not decisively addressed]. It’s very clear that when you look across the globe, we are but a very small region… but at great risk,” she noted.

 “The sustainability of our beaches, gullies and drains continues to be a challenge and it’s something that we, at the PSOJ, want to be able to support as we look to address these challenges,” she added.