52 Cuban doctors headed to Italy to help in coronavirus fight

Fifty-two doctors from the Caribbean nation of Cuba are now on their way to Italy to assist with the challenges of the coronavirus in that country.

Italy has become the country with the most deaths linked to the virus in the world, overtaking China, which is where the virus originated, leaving the country quite overwhelmed in trying to treat patients.

Cuban doctors ready to head off to Italy to assist with the coronavirus crisis facing the European nation. (Photo: Reuters)

This lead to the European country making the request of Cuba, which is regarded as having one of the best healthcare systems in the world. In light of this, Cuba has sent fifty-two highly skilled doctors to help the Italians in their time of need.

The brigade of doctors will head to the crisis-hit area of Lombardy that is the worst affected region in Italy. 546 persons died on Saturday as the numbers continue to balloon with no end in sight.

Cuba currently is subjected to an embargo by the US but that has not stopped them from helping others. Jamaica, Venezuela, Suriname, Grenada and Nicaragua have since benefitted from doctors being dispatched to help during this crisis. 

This has been a common practice for a long time since they became a republic in 1959, to deploy health care workers to places affected by diseases and other health challenges.