59 brainless mummies discovered in Egypt

Fifty-nine brainless mummies that were buried more than 2,500 years ago were discovered south of Cairo in Egypt recently.

The mummies were first discovered a few weeks ago.

Archaeologist found the well-preserved mummies in sealed coffins at Saqqara, which is a burial ground for the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis.

When the coffins were opened and shown to journalists last Saturday, the remains were wrapped in cloth. It is said that their brains had been removed with iron hooks through the noses after the organs were liquified with chemicals.

It is said that Ancient Egyptians thought it necessary to remove the brains because it was the first part of the body to rot. In a decomposed state, the brain would be of no use in the afterlife.

The coffins, which were discovered between September and October, will be taken to the Grand Egyptian Museum on the Giza Plateau that will be opened soon. It is understood that the museum will host many artefacts spanning several eras of Egypt’s history.