Child banned from pre-school over Black Lives Matter shirt

A six-year-old child was banned from her daycare for wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt.

The child, Journei Brockman, was enrolled at a pre-school in Arkansas, United States for six months. She wore a shirt to school with the words ‘Black Lives Matter”, which saw Journei’s mother being contacted by a staff member to say she did not like the shirt the child should not wear it back.

Then last week, Journey wore a shirt with a raised fist to pre-school, which resulted in the child being barred from returning. Deval Brockman, Journei’s mother, said she was told her daughter could not return and that the shirt promoted racism.

Further, Brockman said the school director told her “I am not going to tell you how to raise your child, but you need to re-evaluate how you’re parenting her.”

The mother has since filed a complaint with the state.