7.7 magnitude earthquake causes major damage in The Cayman Islands

Damage caused by earthquake (Photo: Caymancompas.com)

The 7.7 magnitude earthquake, orginating 80 miles northeast in George Town, Cayman Islands, caused major damage on all three of the islands.

Reports coming out of Cayman are that the earthquake impacted local telephone service.

It also caused sewage system issues in George Town, according to multiple sources.

Damage caused by earthquake (Photo: Caymancompass.com)

Various locations were evacuated including the airport in George Town. Court proceedings were put off for the day, and patients and staff were moved to upper floors at the Health Services Authority.

Sink holes have been reported at locations across Grand Cayman.

Sink holes caused by the earthquake Photos: (Caymancompass.com)

The earthquake was also felt in Jamaica and Cuba. All three countries have been placed on Tsunami watch.