7-day deadline for RUBis oil spill report

The entrance of Rubis Energy Jamaica’s head office along Windward Road, overlooking Kingston Harbour

The National Environmental and Planning Agency has given Petroleum marketing company RUBiS seven days to come up with a full report on a fuel and chemical spill at its Rockfort facility.

On Tuesday (January 7) a roof of a water tank collapsed at the plant. The water tank is one of three close to the western boundary of the sprawling facility. The collapse resulted in damage to fuel and chemical lines, according to a release from the NEPA.

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There was also a release of petroleum products, which entered the terrestrial and marine environment.

The state environmental regulatory agency dispatched a technical team to investigate the incident. “During the team’s visit to the facility the recovery of the spilled product had commenced, and containment booms deployed in the marine environment.” it said.