8-year-old Bajan entrepreneur on a mission to spread kindness with t-shirt business

Eight-year-old Barbadian entrepreneur, Jessie Olton, is on a mission to spread kindness through his recently launched t-shirt business.

Olton’s J. Pro (Jessie’s Production) is a merchandise line, that boasts kind messages of faith and anti-violence on each item of clothing.

According to the eight-year-old the idea to venture into merchandise was born out of watching Youtube videos.

The eight-year-old, in the company of his mother Tara Mayers, spoke passionately of the videos he watched from popular Youtuber Dhar Mann, and how they are helping him to be a better, kinder friend.

“I don’t only watch Dhar Mann for my business but I watch him for fun- it’s a good picture. I learn to be kind, to be sweet and to be generous,” Olton  explained.

JOlton, a lover of banana bakes said that though his mom helps him with the technical aspects of his business he learnt most of what he knows from watching educational videos on Youtube.

The Class 2 student at Charles F Broome went on to share that one of his long term goals was to expand the business on a global scale.

“My goals right now are to spread positive messages to everyone in the world and to teach people about being good and stopping violence and I [hope to encourage people] to show mercy to one another,” Olton said.

Olton who is also the protective older brother of younger sister Jaira Mayers hopes to not only pass on the messages to his younger sister but hopefully to students someday.

“I would love to teach. Not like a teacher-teach but teach messages, good messages, to people around the world,” Olton explained.

When asked what he wants to be remembered for Jessie simply said.

“I want to be remembered for the kid who changed the world by spreading positive messages,” he said.