94-year-old French mayor seeks re-election

André Trigano (Photo: BBC)

Next week, French citizens will be going to the polls to elect their mayors, and among the candidates hoping to be reelected is 94-years-old André Trigano.

Trigano has been in public office for more than half his life. He came top in the first round of the elections in March and if he wins the second round on 28 June he will be 101 years-old by the time the next election comes around.

Even after his 50 years in public office, Trigano is insisting he still has plenty of unfinished business, including plans to renovate the centre of Pamiers, which is a pocket of poverty surrounded by dozens of factories working overtime to make parts for the aerospace industry.

“Every night I go to sleep and wake up with a dozen great new ideas for the town,” he told BBC.