A force for good: Jamaican police gifts female drivers with roses

A rose! For an independent female driver

If you were driving through Manchester, Clarendon, or St Elizabeth on Independence Day (August 6) and was stopped by a police officer, you were in luck.

On that day, the police were not ticketing female drivers, instead they were surprising them with roses.

Commanding officer for the Manchester Division, Superintendent Gary Francis told BUZZ that the area three police division which comprises Manchester, Clarendon, and St Elizabeth wanted to reward independent female drivers on Independence Day.

How about a rose ma’am?

“We decided that what we will do is for every female motorist we stopped who were in compliance with the Road Traffic Act, had their seatbelts on, and papers intact, and so on, we would award them with a red rose.”

He said the initiative, aptly titled “Honouring Our Female Independent Drivers #AForce4Good’ is one of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s more creative methods of building better relationships with the public.

The police say its one of their more creative methods to build relationships

“We wanted to be creative, do other things in different ways to build better relationships,” Superintendent Francis said.

And according to him, it was very well received.

“One lady said that she will keep the rose until it dries and show her children and grandchildren. Another lady said she’ll never be upset again when a police stop her.”