A nightmare for policy makers but Jamaica’s new traffic ticket system finally gets rolling in June

“Frustrating” that’s how National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang, described the process that it took to create the new traffic ticket management system that goes into effect in June. 

According to Minister Chang, the new traffic ticket system is the collaboration of several ministries and will provide a centralised platform that will monitor tickets from the point of issue to the tax office or adjudication in court.  

The new system is expected to capture rogue motorists and taxi operators, who have devised ways of beating the current system. 

In announcing the date the new system becomes effective, after missing several deadlines, Chang said the creation of the system was no easy endeavour. 

“It was a long and tedious process. Frustrating, more than frustrating. But, I consider the experience one that,Madam Speaker was not only frustrating but instructive. Because I learnt firsthand how to work between multiple government agencies, “ Chang told the House of Representative on Wednesday 

“Now we have had to use, what is a simple example, but critical to public order  to cross five agencies. And it was indeed an instructive period but we are better at it now and we launch in June. And the base of that will become the foundation for a system that will make a big difference for public order, ” added Chang.