A rich year for Guyana: Gold production increases for 2019

Guyana produced more than 634,000 ounces of gold last year, representing a significant increase over the previous year, the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has said.

It said that the 634,905 ounces is 18,682 ounces above the 2018 figure that stood at 616,223 ounces.

The MNR said that the revenue generated for 2019 amounted to US$111,971,234.84, exceeding the 2018 figure of US$100,143,596.40.

Challenges and constraints

The Ministry said it wanted to commend the miners who made declarations “despite the many challenges and constraints faced in the industry, not least amongst which are a prolonged wet season and labour unrest, and is pleased that the country has surpassed the declarations of 2018.”

It said it hopes that in 2020, more persons will make declarations to the Guyana Gold Board recognising that mining remains a critical component of the local economy.

“As such, the government of Guyana …continues to promote the growth of the sector in the most sustainable way by providing regulatory, fiscal and infrastructural support to aid miners in their worthwhile endeavours.”