Abigail Pinnock says her father is innocent, blames CMU scandal on ‘politics’

Abigail Pinnock fumes at ‘badmind’, the media and ignorant Jamaicans in a video defending her scandal-rocked father Fritz Pinnock (Photo: YouTube)

Daughter of disgraced Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) President Fritz Pinnock has come out defending her father as the scandal-rocked leader faces the courts on corruption charges.

Abigail Pinnock, who took to streaming platform YouTube on Tuesday (Jan. 21), said that after months of sitting down and watching the saga unfold – she describes the allegations as ‘nothing but politics’.

“It’s politics, let me tell you that. Fritz Pinnock is not the man that they’re trying to make him out to look…and it’s just a sad, sad thing that whenever people want to rise in the country; tries to care about the young people – that’s where they get a fight,” Pinnock said.

President of the Caribbean Maritime University Fritz Pinnock currently at court answering to corruption charges. (Photo: Facebook @CMU.edu.jm)

The nearly 11-minute live-stream, which Pinnock disabled any commentary, also lashed the Jamaican media for having an agenda against her father, and the wider nation for being “non-progressive”.

“He doesn’t even know I’m doing this but I’m just so fed up with the media, the lies, everything that’s being put out there – and he has not responded once. Let me tell you, my father is not a thief, alright?” she argued.

The rant continued on varying tangents, as Abigail argued that there is much the country doesn’t know – going into lengths to declare that government money cannot pay her father for his services.

“Half of the things you guys don’t know. Taxpayer money cannot pay captains on staff, [they] get paid US$5,000 per month or more, okay? Half of the staff [at CMU] cannot be paid from taxpayers’ money so the whole thing about stealing taxpayer money is crap!” Pinnock explained.

“Jamaica is a place of badmind. All of this is really stemming from badmind,” she declared.

Another snippet of the young Pinnock on her YouTube channel

The young Pinnock said that the CMU owes her father everything as, she intimated, he’s responsible for transforming the institution into what it is today.

“When he started working there in 2006, you wouldn’t even know what CMI (Caribbean Maritime Institute) was; it wasn’t even on the map, nobody knew what it was. Those who went to CMI would know how far the school has reached,” she said.

“If my father was a thief, it would not be where it is now, okay? So, let me tell you something, all of this you hearing in the media is crap,” Pinnock argued.

Pinnock said that she’ll have her father appear on her YouTube channel to explain what is going on.

The video continued as Pinnock broke down, reflecting on the perceived smear campaign against her father and called on Jamaicans to end their ‘slave mentality’.

“Oh my God, Jamaica, wake up! This is not the person you want… The nation [doesn’t] realise the gem they have and it’s funny because Jamaica has that history,” Pinnock cried.

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